Implementing Role Based Permissions for Azure Storage

Wednesday, December 4th @ 10:02 pm CST

This wasn't as straightforward as I'd hoped it would be, so I'm adding what I learned here in the hopes that it can help someone else should you find yourself in a similar situation. The... Read More

Nuxt, Prismic and PrismJS

Friday, June 14th @ 5:36 pm CDT

A few weeks ago I started playing with Nuxt and Prismic to build a new statically generated site as my blog. I was able to jump over the first hurdle of just getting it up and running πŸš€with... Read More

Fun with Instanceof

Saturday, June 8th @ 7:14 pm CDT

I don't know how I overlooked it for so long, but it comes up pretty regularly that I need a way to tell if an object in JavaScript is a particular kind of object derived from a known class.... Read More

My Nuxt Adventure

Tuesday, May 28th @ 7:26 pm CDT

It's been a couple of years since I've touched my previous blog, and since then I've changed my tune on a few things, such as: JavaScript does not suck Well, actually maybe just that one... Read More